Norman Park’s oldest home “Bronte” was built circa 1884. Photo: Supplied


A piece of Brisbane’s history is up for grabs with one suburb’s oldest home heading to auction.

Norman Park’s historic “Bronte” mansion was built circa 1884 and has been tightly-held for 25 years.

Sellers Ian and Kay Johnston bought the colonial Queenslander for $500,000 in 1988 and restored the property between 1994 and 1996.

The property underwent major renovations in the mid-1990s. Photo: Supplied

Place Estate agent Aaron Woolard said major restorations meant the home was now a far cry from its original condition.

“It was just an old workers’ cottage when they bought it and they really restored it from humble beginnings,” Mr Woolard said.

“It’s gotten a lot bigger over the years and now it’s hard to find something this big on this size land – it’s very rare.”

A large swimming pool was later added to the six-bedroom home. Photo: Supplied

The six-bedroom Queenslander spans two land titles on 116 and 118 Wynnum Road and has panoramic views of Brisbane City.
Prior to its extensive restorations, the 2352 square-metre property was used as a nursing home.

Mr Woolard said, despite the renovations giving a modern feel to the home, its history could be felt.

The old property has city views. Photo: Supplied

“It doesn’t feel old at all when you’re inside; it’s like brand new. [But] you can really sense the grandeur and history of the place – it’s got that sense of old money.”

The sellers are looking to downsize from the historic mansion

“The owners have moved into retirement age and are looking to downsize,” Mr Woolard said. “They have places in Brisbane and Kingscliff where they’ll spend their time.”

Records show the property was purchased in 1920 by Melbourne journalist Arthur Barker and stayed in his family until 1950. Earlier owners are not known.

The large home has six bedrooms and bathrooms and an in-ground swimming pool..

The property is on the Brisbane City Council heritage register.

The auction starts 10am, November 12.

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